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Sierra logo 1980

On-Line Systems also used the Sierra On-Line brand before officially changing to the Sierra name in 1982.



The design of this logo may very depending on which game it is.


Sierra 90s logo

In 1998, The Mountain circle was dropped and the text changed. The company split into 4 sub brands (and another for one purpose), Those being Sierra Studios, Sierra Attractions, Sierra Home, Sierra Sports and Sierra FX.


Sierra FX
Sierra FX, Used for games developed by Yosemite Entertainment, which was Sierra's main headquarters (They only developed 2 games before closing down, those being Quest for Glory V: Open Fire and Police Quest: SWAT 2)
Sierra Attraction
Sierra Attractions, used for publishing educational software and causal games.
Sierra Home logo
Sierra Home, Used for home software like Hallmark Card Studio and MasterCook
Sierra Sports, Used for sports games, also includes most racing games like Grand Prix Legends
Allalaaditud fail (1)-1

Sierra Studios, the main publishing devision for Sierra On-Line.


Sierra logo 2001

In 2001, all the sub-brands were formed back into one universal brand (except Sierra Home, which remained separate) under the "Sierra" name. Only a few games used this logo as it was short-lived, such as The Operative: No One Lives Forever - Game of the Year Edition

Sierra Entertainment


Sierra Entertainment
After Sierra On-Line changed their name to Sierra Entertainment, they reintroduced the half pipe logo which made them famous.

2014–present (relaunch)

Sierra Logo, 2014

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