PepsiCo created Sierra Mist (at one time known as Mist Twst), a lemon-lime flavored soda, in 1999. Sierra Mist  has since become a competitor with rival Coca-Cola's Sprite and Dr Pepper Snapple Group's 7 Up.

Sierra Mist (first era)


Sierra Mist First

On February 3, 1999, the first Sierra Mist logo used includes the lemon & lime on top of the "Mist" word & next to the "Sierra" word, as well as the logo being put on a blurry green background.

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On August 1, 2001, PepsiCo jazzed up Sierra Mist's logo with blue, yellow and black boxes, lemon and lime, mountains, and a more jazzier font for the name "Sierra Mist".


On January 15, 2006, PepsiCo revamped Sierra Mist's logo with a different font for "Sierra Mist" and a sun behind the mountains. Notably, the boxes used in the 2001-2006 logo were omitted (as well as the lemon/lime for a period of time).


Sierra Mist
On August 6, 2008, PepsiCo revamped Sierra Mist's logo completely. The "Mist" part of this logo became blurry and was added a green forest background. Then the font was changed as well and the mountains were dropped. It has been notably known as the worst "Sierra Mist" logo in the drink's history.


Sierra Mist 2010
On March 20, 2010, in response to the negative reception of 2008-2010's logo, PepsiCo revamped Sierra Mist's logo once again. The logo was given a neon look, also returning the lemon and lime seen from 1999-2006; but this time, they shared the slice seen in the logo. The font was also changed as well. The logo was unfortunately very short-lived; PepsiCo changed the logo later that year.



Sierra Mist Natural
On August 29, 2010, when PepsiCo changed their ingredients for Sierra Mist (removing high-fructose corn syrup), the company added the word "Natural" to Sierra Mist's logo. Pepsi also changed the background to a water-like version. There also is a lime and a lemon. Then the font was changed as well.




Once again, PepsiCo removed their lemon and lime, and gave their soda a more modern look to it. This logo was introduced in August 2013.

Mist Twst


MT Logo

In December 2015, Pepsi announced the name of Sierra Mist would be renamed to Mist Twst in spring of 2016. They have also put back the high-fructose corn syrup into the drink.

Sierra Mist (second era)


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In summer 2018, Mist Twist went back to its former name, as well as switching back to real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup.

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