Siri is the voice-input, voice-response artificial intelligence personal assistant software originally developed by SRI International for iOS devices in the mid-2000s and later for macOS computers. Siri was acquired by Apple Inc. in April 2010 under the direction of Steve Jobs, former CEO and co-founder of Apple.


Siri Siri-icon Siri icon on iOS 9 Siri icon on iOS 10 Siri icon on iOS 11 Siri1 Siri
iOS 5-6 iOS 7-8 iOS 9 iOS 10 iOS 11 macOS 10.12 macOS 10.13


SRI International (2010-2011)


Apple Inc.


iOS 5-6

  • The microphone glows purple depending on the volume a person is speaking at.
  • This is the first logo of Siri designed by Apple Inc. Siri was first introduced with the iPhone 4S.


iOS 7-8

  • The style became simplified and removed all colors, only using white and gray.
  • This logo was still seen in Assistive Touch in iOS 9, 10, and 11.0.x, but in iOS 11.1 it was replaced by the current Siri logo.


iOS 9

Siri icon on iOS 9
  • The outer ring removed and now has a purple gradient background.
  • This logo (without the background) continued to appear on the primary Siri screen in iOS 10; however, in iOS 11 it was replaced with the current logo.


iOS 10

  • The microphone was removed and replaced with audio waves, similar to the ones found when using Siri since iOS 9.


iOS 11-present, macOS 11.0-present

Icon 512x512 Normalsiri
  • The waves were removed and was replaced with a bubble using the same colors.
  • In macOS High Sierra, Mojave and Catalina, a circular version is used.



macOS 10.12

  • This is a circular version of the one used in iOS 10.


macOS 10.13-10.14-10.15

Siri 1024x1024x32
  • Same as iOS 11, but in macOS's signature circle icon. In 2020, with the release of macOS Big Sur, the iOS version is used.

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