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This logo was the very first Six Flags logo, it is iconic for longtime visitors to the park and people who attended anniversary celebrations of the park, most notably the 50th anniversary in 2011. Still used on older rides and anniversary celebrations.


The logo was changed when Time Warner took over since the original theme doesn't make sense anymore, instead of real flags, they show simple "lifeguard flags". Still used on several rides of the era including the 90s replacement Schwarzkopf trains.


This logo lasted for a single season, the lifeguard flags are finally colorized, the last park that still used this logo was Over Georgia's entrance, which changed in 2017, meaning there are no remains.

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Six Flags 1998
This logo was used during the Premier Parks era, this was still used on older entrances until 2015 and the branding for Hurricane Harbor parks.


Six Flags logo
This logo is the same, but now it is horizontal. This logo was used during the "Mr. Six Era", and the early Jim-Reid era, the flags was put in the middle, due to the heavy use of the logo, it is still common to find it, although on signs and statues, a variant with the 2015 flag colors replaced it.


New Six Flags logo
The logo was used during the late Jim-Reid era and the Mike Spanos era, the "lifeguard flags" were replaced with more angular variants and the pink flag is now blue. This is often common due to Six Flags' heavy use of replacing the logo.

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