For the channel known as Skai TV from 1993 to 1999, see Alpha TV.


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Skai TV (Greek: ΣΚΑΪ Τηλεόραση, Skaï Tileórasi) is one of the seven main commercial free-to-air TV channels in Greece. It was launched on 21 September 1993, then sold in 1999 and renamed to Alpha TV, which is now a competitor. The original owners of Skai TV relaunched it on 1 April 2006, in place of Seven TV.

Skai TV has a sister radio channel of the same name, and they are owned by the same media group as the Kathimerini daily newspaper. It cooperates with Sigma TV in Cyprus for some of its programming.

Seven X


Skai TV (1989-1992)

Channel Seven X


Skai TV (1992-1999)

Seven TV


Skai TV (2000-2004)


Skai TV (2004-2006)

Skai TV

2006 (prelaunch)

Skai TV (2006)

On 1 April 2006, the original owners of Skai Television Greece relaunched the channel.


Skai TV (2006-2009)

Skai TV 2006


Skai Tileorasi

Skai TV logo


Skai TV 2018

Skai TV underwent a rebranding on 10 September 2018, introducing a new logo for the first time since 2009 and a new graphics package inspired by the motion of a cube. The graphics and idents were designed by Athens-based Nomint and Yeti Pictures. The widespread Gotham font is used in on-screen typography.

Moreover, the channel shifted its logo from the top left corner—the standard for Greek and Cypriot channels—to the top right (which is more common in some other European countries), making it the only Greek-language channel not to have its logo in the top left.

  • Nomint (graphics package and idents)
  • Tony Zagoraios (Art One Motion)
  • European Design
  • Pantone Canvas

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