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2003–2010 2010–2016 2016–2018 2018–2021 2021–present


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All channels from Sky Italia got new look in July 2010 when a new corporate logo was introduced. It was the same logo that had already been introduced by the British counterpart, British Sky Broadcasting. The corporate logo was however the only thing transferred from the UK, all channels logos and idents were specially commissioned for Sky Italia.

The new idents for Sky Cinema were created by the broadcast design agency Dunning Penney Jones from London.

"We created a series of distinct sequences for Sky Italia's Cinema’s nine different channels to emulate the production values, feel and scale of cinema credits, and give each its own identity. Whether it was the elegance and glamour of Sky Classics, the dramatic action of Sky Max, or the cool cult status of Sky Mania, we made each channel feel different." - Dunning Penney Jones website

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