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Sky Movies (first era)

February–March 1989

Sky movies logo february 1989

March 1989–1993

1989 02


Sky Movies 1993


1995 01


Skymovies screen1 id1997

Sky Moviemax/Premier/Sky Cinema (first era)


On September 10, 1998, the channels were rebranded, and the Sky Movies name fell out of usage. Sky Movies Screen 1 renamed as Sky Moviemax, Sky Movies Screen 2 becomes Sky Premier and Sky Movies Gold rebranded as Sky Cinema.

Sky Movies (second era)


Sky Movies 2002

On July 1, 2002, the Sky Movies name was revived. Sky Premier became Sky Movies Premier, Sky Moviemax became Sky Movies Max and Sky Cinema became Sky Movies Cinema.


Sky Movies 2003

On November 1, 2003, the Sky Movies channels were overhauled. The rebrand saw all Sky Movies Premier and Sky Movies Max channels being rebranded as simply Sky Movies.[1]

The overhaul included a new look with a new logo which was done in-house by Sky Creative Services. The music was done by Shriek Music.[2]

While the November 1, 2003, overhaul happened, only one channel dropped the Sky Movies brand for the second straight time since 1998, and Sky Movies Cinema changed back to Sky Cinema.


Sky Movies 2007

Sky Movies was overhauled in March 2007, when the different channels became dedicated to different genres. The new look was created by Dunning Eley Jones and produced by The Mill.


Sky Movies 2010

On New Year's Day 2010, Sky introduced its new corporate logo, and Sky Movies also got new logos.

A reshuffle of the channels on March 26, 2010, brought a few name changes and new idents.

In December that year, the idents were modified featuring the full colored Sky Movies logo.

On February 1, 2011, several Sky channels were relaunched, as were the Sky Movies channels. The logo was kept, but the idents used were all new. The new ident pans through shifting generic "cinematic" landscapes.


Sky Movies 2015

Sky Cinema (second era)



It was announced that Sky Movies would become Sky Cinema on 8 July 2016. Movies will be broadcast closer to cinema release, larger library of on-demand films, more pop up channels as well as better HD picture and sound quality, with Ultra HD films via Sky Q to follow in late 2016.


Sky Cinema 2017

On 10 November 2017, the Sky Cinema channels got a new logo using Sky's new lowercase style which was first adopted in the Sky Sports rebranding four months earlier.


Sky Cinema 2020

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