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Premiere FilmClassics


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Premiere FilmClassics was launched on August 1, 2006.[1]


Premiere Filmclassics 2008

Sky Cinema Hits (first era)


Sky de cinema hits

Premiere was relaunched on July 4, 2009, and renamed Sky. At the same time, Premiere FilmClassics was relaunched as Sky Cinema Hits. The channel ident was adapted from the ident used by Sky Movies HD1 and HD2 in the United Kingdom.

Sky Hits


Sky de hits

Sky Cinema Hits (second era)


Sky de cinema hits-0

Sky Hits was renamed back to Sky Cinema Hits in September 2016.


Sky Cinema Hits - Logo 2018

Pop-up channels (2016-present)

Sky 007 HD


Sky Disney Princess HD

Sky Disney Prinzessinnen HD

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