Sky (2001)

These are the idents of the three main channels of Sky from 2008 until 2011.

Short Summary

On 31 August 2008, Sky changed the names of its three main entertainment channels to Sky1, Sky2, and Sky3 respectively. Also, the channels introduced new idents in which they share the same look, except for the elements each channel uses:

  • Sky1: Solid blue crystals
  • Sky2: Green liquid
  • Sky3: Pink gas particles

The idents were created by The Moving Picture Company, Sky Creative, and Jon Yeo.

According to MPC:

Jonathan Yeo has directed the new Sky ident campaign which unveils Sky’s largest rebrand since launch. Creative director Andi Granger worked closely with MPC to create the new numerical look, relating each of the channels to a distinctive element – ‘solids’ for Sky 1, ‘liquids’ for Sky 2, and ‘particles’ for Sky 3.Sky Creative’s design brief was to create an entertaining cross-media identity for Sky 1 with a premium feel relating the brand to its exclusive content as well as strengthening the family association of Sky 1, 2 and 3. Sky has received the Gold Award for Best Idents at Promax/BDA 2009 in Prague....Sky’s rebranding encompassed three of the main disciplines within FX animation: rigid bodies, fluid dynamics and particle dynamics...“Each of the idents feature a single piece of action and each of the logos react in a different way depending on their behavioural elements. It was important that we captured a sense of scale and grace to the channel ‘elements’,” comments Yeo.

The idents also feature channel personalities, such as David Boreanaz of Bones, and Naveen Andrews of Lost.

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