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Sky Movies Gold


Skymoviesgold 92-01

Sky Movies Gold was launched on October 1, 1992. It was BSkyB's third movie channel, after Sky Movies & Sky Movies Premier.


Sky Movies Gold 1993

Sky Movies Gold, along with Sky's other channels, launched a new look in 1993 with GRFX/Novocom.


Sky Movies Gold Logo (90s)

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Yet another look from GRFX/Novocom was launched in 1995 from all of Sky's channels, including Sky Movies Gold.


Skymoviesgold id1997a-01

In November 1997, the "egg" look was debuted, but its' name, Sky Movies Gold, remained unchanged unlike other Sky movie channels which they were rebranding to Sky Movies Screen (number).

Sky Cinema (first era)


Sky Cinema 1998

On September 10, 1998, Sky's movie channels were rebranded and Sky Movies Gold renamed itself to Sky Cinema. A second channel, called Sky Cinema 2 was launched in October. This rebrand thus led to the "Sky Movies" brand being dropped and being split into several channels. The Sky Cinema name was later reused in 2016, replacing all of the Sky Movies channels.

Sky Movies Cinema


Sky Movies Cinema

Sky Cinema became Sky Movies Cinema on July 1, 2002, and on that same date, revived the "Sky Movies" brand after having the brand dropped in 1998.

Sky Cinema (second era)


Sky Cinema 2003

In October 2003, the movie channels were rebranded again, and Sky Movies Cinema reverted back to its previous name (since 1998), unlike other Sky movie channels (which were merged into Sky Movies.)

Sky Movies Classics


Sky Movies Classics

The Sky Movies channels were overhauled in 2007 and Sky Cinema become part of the other Sky Movies channels. Sky Movies Classics could be seen as Sky Movies Gold/Sky Cinema's successor.



In 2013, Sky announced that Sky Movies Classics and Sky Movies Indie would be now defunct to make way for the upcoming Sky Movies Select and Sky Movies Disney networks.

The channel has been temporarily brought back various times since 2017 as a pop-up channel, replacing Sky Cinema Select.

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