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198?–1990 (pre-launch) 1990–1991 1991–1993 1993–1995
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198?–1990 (pre-launch)

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The Movie Channel



The Movie Channel was launched in March 1990 as one of the five channels in BSB's satellite service. The original look for all BSB channels was created by Robinson Lambie-Nairn.


The Movie Channel UK 1991.jpg

Following the merger of BSB and Sky, The Movie Channel was launched on Astra in 1991. At the same time, the cinematic British design was exchanged for a more American computer animated look in line with the rest of Sky's channels.


The Movie Channel - Sky 1993.svg

On September 1, 1993, Sky Movie Channel got a new look in line with all of Sky's other channels thanks to GRFX/Novocom.


The Movie Channel - Sky 1995.svg

Yet another new look from GRFX/Novocom was launched in 1995 from all of Sky's channels, including Sky Movie Channel.

Sky Movies Screen 2


Sky Movies Screen 2 1997.svg

In 1997, The Movie Channel was renamed as Sky Movies Screen 2, which debuted the "egg" look from Sky's channels until September 1998, the Sky Movies brand was dropped and split into several movie channels made from Sky (including Sky Premier), having to drop the "egg" look on all of Sky's channels with the launch of Sky Digital one month later (October 1998).

Sky Premier


Sky Premier 1998.svg
Designer:  Pittard Sullivan
Typography:  Unknown
Launched:  Unknown

In an effort to distinguish Sky's three movie channels from each other, they were all given a makeover and new names in September 1998. Screen 2 was rebranded Sky Premier which was "home to the biggest and best films", while Screen 1 renamed as Sky Moviemax which was "billed as the channel for high-action escapist entertainment, adventure and comedy". The new identity was developed by Pittard Sullivan.

With the launch of Sky Digital in October 1998, Sky Premier was expanded from one channel to five (Sky Premier, Sky Premier 2, Sky Premier 3, Sky Premier 4 and Sky Premier Widescreen).

Sky Movies Premier


Sky Movies Premier.svg

The Sky Movies brand returned in 2002 when the service was renamed Sky Movies Premier.

Sky Movies Premier and Sky Movies Max were merged in 2003 and all channels becoming known as Sky Movies.