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1989 (pre-launch)

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Sky News 1989.svg

On 8 June 1988, Rupert Murdoch announced to the British Academy of Film and Television Arts that he would provide a new television news service. Sky News started broadcasting at 6 pm on 5 February 1989.


Sky News 1990.svg

This logo was the same as the 1989 version, except for 1990, the Sky News service has been rebranded with "News" being bigger, and the 1989 Sky (name) logo being teal. That same year in November, the "British Sky Broadcasting" name was linked into all of Sky's idents.


Sky News 1993.svg
Designer:  GRFX/Novocom
Typography:  Insignia
Launched:  Unknown

In 1993, all Sky channels adopted a new look, created by GRFX/Novocom.


Sky News 1995.svg
Designer:  Novocom
Typography:  Franklin Gothic Heavy
Launched:  Unknown

Yet another company-wide look from Novocom was adopted in 1995.


Sky News 1997.svg

In late September 1997, the egg look debuted from the rebrand of Sky News (making it the first Sky channel to do so), however. several Sky channels keep using the tombstone look. They weren't until November 1997, when all of Sky's channels used the egg look. On 1 October 1998, due to the launch of Sky Digital, the egg look from all of Sky's channels were phased out (except for one channel, where the Sky Digital look has been used on Sky One prior to the Sky Digital launch).


Sky News 1998.svg
Designer:  Pittard Sullivan
Typography:  Optima Bold
Launched:  Unknown

On 1 October 1998, during the launch of Sky Digital, Sky News began using a logo incorporating the 'channel' version of the Sky logo. The 'two box' design continues to be used and has now been adopted across all Sky channels.



Sky News 2001.svg

On 1 October 2001, Sky News introduced a new look.


Sky News 3D 2002.svg

In 2002, the logo was presented in 3D.


Sky News 2005.svg

On October 2005, the now-familiar red and white version was adopted for other brands that feature Sky News, although the red and white version was inverted to a white and red version on network packaging.


Sky News 2007.svg

In 2007, a new look for Sky News was reintroduced followed by new graphics.


Sky News logo 2009.png
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In 2008, the logo was changed back from stacked to a stripped version.


Sky News 2010.svg

As part of a company-wide image refresh, a new logo was gradually phased in during April and May 2010. It first appeared for the Sky News Election Debate on 22 April. It was launched in full on 6 May 2010.


Sky News 2013.svg

In August 2013, the Sky News Press Office began using an updated version of the Sky News HD logo, more closely matching that of Sky's other channels.[2]


Sky News 2015 logo.svg


Sky News 2018.svg


Sky News 2020.svg