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Satellite Television


Satellite Television 1982.png

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Sky One had its origins as Satellite Television, a Pan-European television channel originating in London. It was launched in April 1982 and was initially only available to 70,000 homes in Norway and Finland. It was later launched in the United Kingdom in June 1983.

Sky Channel


Sky Alt.jpg

In 1983, Rupert Murdoch bought the company over and decided to rename the channel to Sky Channel on 31 January 1984. The slogan was originally "Reaching out to you", until circa October 1987, where the slogan was changed to "Europe's number 1".

February–May 1989

Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 5.39.22 pm.png

In February 1989, Rupert Murdoch launched a big push for Direct Broadcast Satellite which involved launching four channels on Astra satellite, which could be easily received with domestic satellites dishes. Sky Channel was one of those channels, the others were Sky News, Sky Movies and Eurosport. This logo was short-lived.

May–July 1989

Skychannel ident2 1989a-01.jpg

A new logo was launched in May, but this did not last long as the channel was renamed Sky One on 30 July, where the channel began only broadcasting to the UK.

Sky One (first era)

July 1989–1990

Skyone ident 1989a.jpg

On 30 July, Sky Channel was renamed Sky One a few months after the launch on Astra. From this point onward, the channel began to only broadcast in the United Kingdom.


Sky One (1990-1993).svg

In 1990, the script "One" was retired in favour of the sans-serif "One". However in November, Sky TV merged with BSB to form British Sky Broadcasting. Following this, all of Sky's network idents were surrounded by a black border/background, and under the idents came the name British Sky Broadcasting.


Sky One 1993.svg

All Sky channels were rebranded on 1 September 1993 after the launch of Sky Multichannels. The US firm Novocom was behind the new graphics. From this era onward, the channel began airing for 24 hours.


Sky One 1995.svg

In early 1995, Novocom launched another look. Video collectors and fans refer to this logo and the following logo as the "tombstone" era.

Sky 1 (first era)


Sky 1 1996.svg

With the launch of Sky 2 on 1 September 1996, Sky One briefly rebranded itself as Sky 1. After Sky 2 was closed on 31 August 1997, Sky 1 used the tombstone look for two more months until its final appearance on 31st October that year.

Sky One (second era)


Sky one 1997.jpg

Sky 1 reverted back to its previous name on 1 November 1997 and adapted a new logo called the "egg" look. Many fans consider this to be Sky 1's worst logo. It was presumably not liked by Sky themselves either, as the look only stayed for just under seven months.


Sky One 1998.svg

A new look for Sky One was launched on 31 May 1998.[1] With this look, Sky departed from the pattern from the last years where the entire company would rebrand at the same time with a similar look. Instead, Sky One departed to create its own identity based on filmed idents. This logo was also used to celebrate 10 years of Sky One.


Sky One 2002.svg

On 7 January 2002 Sky One launched its new logo along with a new graphic flat look with colour branded idents and graphics of orange. Sky One again gained a sister channel, Sky One Mix, which was intended as a "catch-up" channel, screening repeats of key Sky One programmes later in the same week.


Sky One.svg

In September 2004, to coincide with its new autumn schedule, Sky One's new logo was launched. Sky Mix also changed its name from Sky Mix to Sky Two one year later. In February 2008 when new graphics occur, this logo only remained until a revamp in August.




Sky One, in domestic partnership with Sky Two and Sky Three, renamed themselves Sky1, Sky2, and Sky3 respectively on 31 August 2008 and a new logo was launched as well. Sky1 used blue solids for their idents.

Sky 1 (second era)


Sky1 logo 2011.svg

Sky1 separated the "Sky" and "1" slightly and thus the channel was renamed Sky 1 in February 2011. On 1 January 2014, Sky 1 was temporarily renamed Sky Onesie to encourage viewers to snuggle up in front of the television wearing onesies, in a bid to recover from the previous night's celebrations.


Sky 1 logo 2016.png

Since 2015, Sky 1 altered their logo slightly, and along with it came new idents for the whole channel on 19 April 2016.

Sky One (third era)



Sky One 2017.svg

On 9 October 2017, Sky 1 changed their name back to Sky One and a new look was launched as well.


Sky One 2020.svg

On 7 April 2020, a slight modification to all Sky entertainment channel logos, including Sky One, was made, consisting of the "Sky" part of the logo not having a white box around it, in the style of the Sky Comedy logo introduced two months prior. In Sky One's case, the blue has gotten brighter.

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