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Sky Sports Extra


Sky Sports Extra 2000.svg

In March 1999, Sky Sports 4 was launched as Sky Sports Extra coinciding of Sky Digital's launch of October 1998.


Sky Sports Extra 2003.svg

On 2002, Sky Sports Extra underwent a major change, thus adding new fonts to it, and changing the color of "Extra" from black to blue, although it kept the 1998-2007 color scheme.

Sky Sports Xtra


Sky Sports Xtra 2005.svg

In 2004, Sky Sports Extra was renamed "Sky Sports Xtra". Still, it used the 1998-2007 colour scheme.


Sky Sports Xtra 2007.png

In 2007, Sky Sports Xtra got a new logo, the colours were switched, and the 'Sports' red rectangle was widened to fit Xtra in a handwritten script next to it.

Sky Sports 4



In 2009, Sky Sports Xtra was finally renamed as Sky Sports 4. It also gained the ability to have an HD simulcast.


Sky Sports 4 2015.svg

Sky Sports Ryder Cup

Sky Sports Ryder Cup.svg

During the Ryder Cup, from 18 September to 12 October 2014, Sky Sports 4 was temporarily renamed Sky Sports Ryder Cup.

Sky Sports The Open


Sky Sports The Open.png

During the 2017 Open Championship, from 20–23 July 2017, Sky Sports 4 was temporarily renamed Sky Sports The Open. This logo was only used on July 17, 2017.


Sky Sports The Open 2017.svg

As part of the rebranding of the Sky Sports channels on July 18, 2017, Sky Sports The Open adopted the new logo a day after it launched on Sky Sports 4's space.

Below is the high definition variant of the Sky Sports The Open logo which came out on the rebrand and features the words "HD" in the logo.

Sky Sports The Open HD - Logo.png

Sky Sports Golf


Sky Sports Golf.svg


Sky Sports Golf 2020.svg