1991–2000 2000–2008 2008–2011 2011–2016 2016–present
1991–2000 2000–2008 2008–2011 2011–2016 2016–present




Smart 1991 Logo.PNG
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Smart's first logo consisted of the Smart name in blue color, with eight gray rays on the letter M and with a lined rhombus wrapped around it.



By 2000, Smart modified its logo, dropping the rhombus.

2004–2008 (secondary)
Smart Logo 2006.png
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Modified version where the rays are colored in blue.



In 2008, Smart launched a retouched version of its logo, which has more rounded edges for the Smart name, modifies the shape of the eight rays, and adds a beam below the Smart name.



On October 25, 2011, Smart unveiled a revamped version of its logo which reflects the evolving digital lifestyle of Filipinos. Their corporate name, now no longer slanted and has more rounded edges, is rendered in a more youthful blue and its signature eight rays have morphed into eight dots in various vibrant colors, to reflect the freedom and empowerment that Smart’s broader range of products and services make possible. But still used in tandem with the next logo.


Smart logo 2016.svg

On June 13, 2016, Smart and its parent company PLDT unveiled their new logos and identity as part of the company's continuing digital pivot which involves the powerful convergence of PLDT and Smart, combining fixed and wireless technologies to serve individual and enterprise customers.

The new logo, which veers away from the logo design used for 25 years and drops the all-caps Smart text and eight colorful dots, has a new symbol shaped like a triangle with the three sides representing the company's business pillars - exceptional people, meaningful innovations, and valuable customers. The triangle is also the symbol for Delta, the fourth letter in the Greek alphabet, which stands for “Change”, an allusion to Smart's new slogan, "Welcome Change".

Although the new logo is mostly green, the blue color that has defined Smart for over 25 years lives on as one of the colors of its new triangle symbol.