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Mobile 8


Logo PT. Mobile-8 Telecom Tbk



Fren logo

Fren was launched in December 2003 as an operating brand of Mobile-8, with the logo being slightly adopted from its then-corporate sibling RCTI's logo.

Smart Telecom





Smartfren (2010)

In March 2010, Mobile-8 and Smart Telecom agreed to integrate their telecommunication brands under the Smartfren brand umbrella.

2011–2019 (main logo), 2018-May 12, 2020 (Smartfren Unlimited)

Smartfren wordmark

In January 2011, Smartfren changed its wordmark; between February 2018 and September 2019, the wordmark-only logo was reinstated as a primary consumer logo.



In April 2011, following the merger of Smart Telecom and Mobile-8 into Smartfren Telecom, it unveiled a new identity and logo, resembling an ear and an eye; two body parts that represent its services. It also introduced a new slogan: Live Smart. Both of the Smart and Fren brands were retired as individual brands in favour of Smartfren.

2018–2019 (corporate logo)


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In February 2018, the Smartfren corporate logo was changed to match with the Sinarmas logo; however, the consumer logo began to use the 2011 wordmark instead.

2019–present (main logo), May 12, 2020-present (Smartfren Unlimited only)

Smartfren (2019)

On September 3, 2019, Smartfren launched the revamped variant of 2011 wordmark with the magenta square added on the tip of the wordmark.

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