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Dicico Multi


Sodimac Dicico 2017
In 2017, Construdecor (then 65%-owned, now Sodimac Brasil, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chilean retailer Falabella) launched a new store format, Dicico Multi, through the conversion of several Dicico stores, based on a "neighborhood store" concept, for "everyday home improvement".

Sodimac Dicico


Sodimac Dicico 2018

In early July 2018, the Dicico Multi store at Marginal Tietê (converted just three months earlier, in April 2018), in São Paulo, was rebranded to Sodimac Dicico, starting the rollout of the Sodimac brand to the format. The rollout of the brand to the existing Dicico Multi stores was completed in mid-August 2018, just before Falabella completed the purchase of the shares of Construdecor it didn't own. It is expected that all remaining Dicico stores will be converted to Sodimac Dicico by 2020.

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