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1979–1982 1982–2004 2004–2009 2009–2014 2014–2021 2021–present

The One and Only


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Sony’s tagline in the 1970s was Sony: The One and Only.

It’s a Sony


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This slogan was used throughout the 1980s and 1990s and well into the new millennium.




Sony introduced its like.no.other slogan in 2004. Its most famous usage was in a 2005 television commercial (where it was promoted as ‘Colour like no other’) for the company’s new Bravia line of televisions, which were introduced that year replacing the Wega brand.



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Sony introduced a new tagline, make.believe (pronounced ‘make-dot-believe’), in 2009. Unlike the previous slogan, like.no.other, and the subsequent one BE MOVED, but like the 1979 slogan The one and only, this slogan almost always appeared along with the Sony logo, placed directly below it as shown in the below picture. ITC Avant-Garde was officially adopted as Sony’s corporate typeface during this period.

Sony's former mobile phone joint venture with Ericsson, Sony Ericsson also adopted the slogan until the venture was fully-owned by Sony in 2012. Sony Pictures-produced movies also used the logo on the end of the credits throughout the years.



Sony Be Moved.svg

Sony introduced its slogan, BE MOVED, from 2014 to 2021. It was first introduced in 2013 to promote Sony’s Xperia Z smartphone, when the make.believe slogan was still in use. However, make.believe was completely phased out the following year and replaced by BE MOVED.

This slogan, unlike like.no.other and make.believe, is not used at the end of television commercials for consumer electronics, which instead use a lens-flare animation atop the Sony logo (much like the blue-and-yellow make.believe starburst animation used earlier). Nor is it used in any advertising whatsoever (print or digital) for Sony’s consumer electronics.

Instead, the most prominent application of the BE MOVED slogan is at the end of the closing credits of Sony-owned movie studios (like Columbia Pictures) movies, where it appears at a distance below the Sony logo (not immediately below as with make.believe), as in the below picture.

However, the slogan was removed in 2018.

As with the like.no.other tagline (2004–2009), but unlike make.believe, this slogan is independent of the Sony logo. It is set in Sony’s corporate typeface, SST, which was created for Sony by Monotype and replaced ITC Avant-Garde.

We are Sony


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