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1995 1995–2007 2007–2014 2014–2019 2019–present

Sony Entertainment Television


SET LatAm 1995.svg

This logo was shown on cable TV mazagines in Latin America (such Metrópolis Intercom of Chile). However, it is unknown if the logo was ever used either on-air or in ads, or if it was a placement logo used to advertising the channel before it launch.


Sony Entertainment Television.svg



Canal Sony


Canal Sony 2014.png
Designer:  DixonBaxi
Typography:  Code Pro

Back in March of 2014, Sony Entertainment Television was renamed into Canal Sony. The on-air graphics were created by DixonBaxi.

Sony Channel


Sony Channel 2019.svg
Designer:  In-house at Sony Pictures[1]
Typography:  Unknown

Canal Sony was renamed as Sony Channel on August 12, 2019. In on-air promos however, the channel is simply named as Sony (like its competitors, Warner Channel, also known as "Warner", and Universal TV, referred to on-air as "Universal").

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