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Showcase TV



Showcase TV was a television channel in the United Kingdom that replaced AnimeCentral on 27 August 2008 and was made up of 4 blocks that had their own channels.

True Entertainment



Showcase TV was replaced with True Entertainment. The rebranding was scheduled for 1 July 2009, but was later put "on hold until further notice". The change eventually took place a month later, on 3 August 2009. From that date, simulcasting of content from other CSC channels ceased, and True Entertainment launched its own schedule.

Sony Channel

2016-2018 (as the former Sony Channel)


In 2016, Sony Entertainment Television rebranded as Sony Channel, until 6 February 2018, when the channel relaunched as Sony Crime Channel. The logo history of Sony Crime Channel has its own page.

2019-present (as the resurrected Sony Channel)

Sony Channel 2019

In July 2019, Sony announced the relaunch of Sony Channel in United Kingdom as part of a major renaming of Sony's UK channels, dropping the "True" brand simultaneously as sister channel True Movies renamed to Sony Movies Christmas/Classic the same day.[1].


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