This page details the on-air graphics packages used by the Indian TV channel Sony Max. It has been split from the main Sony Max page.

Overview of graphics packages





SPTI Indian channel identities, 2007

This video was created in 2007. The graphics package of Sony Max is featured along with those of SET, Sony Sab and Sony Pix, which was launched the previous year (April 2006).


The graphics featured the Avant-Garde font that has formerly been used by many Sony channels.



Sony Max India-Sony Max India Network Redesign

Designer:  Charlie Co
Typography:  Gotham and ITC Avant Garde
Launched:  28 May 2012

A new look was introduced on 28 May 2012, on the same day that Sony TV HD was launched, and a day after the final of that year’s Indian Premier League. This was designed by Charlie Co, a California-based agency.

The popular Gotham font was introduced as the channel’s main on-screen typeface, with Avant-Garde playing a secondary role. Gotham, like Avant-Garde, has been used by several Indian Sony channels, most recently Sony Sab in 2019.

This graphics package was reused by Sony Wah from its launch in 2016 until 2019, when it adopted the 2014–17 graphics package of Sony Max 2.



Sony Max India Rebrand 2015

Designer:  Plenty
Typography:  Effra and Grumpy Black24
Launched:  25 May 2015

A new graphics package was introduced introduced on 25 May 2015, a day after the final of that year’s Indian Premier League (like in 2012), and designed by the Argentine creative agency Plenty. It featured petal-like shapes folding and animating across blue, yellow and red backgrounds.

The on-screen fonts were Grumpy Black24 for headline text and Effra for body text, replacing the long-standing Gotham and Avant-Garde, though Gotham continued to be used on social media. While the SD channel used a blue, yellow and red graphics package, the HD feed, launched on Christmas 2015, used a bronze-gold graphics package.

SD channel (May 2015–July 2019):

HD channel (December 2015–July 2019):

2019–present (twentieth anniversary)

Designer:  Sandeep Bodade
Typography:  Montserrat
Launched:  20 July 2019

Another graphics package was introduced on 20 July 2019 to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the channel. Sony Max reverted to the yellow, tan and orange colour combination used in 2012–2015, dropping blue and red, but with a new graphics package. The graphics were designed by Indian designer Sandeep Bodade, who has designed the graphics of Sony Sab, Sony Marathi and Sony Mix in the past, among others.

The key design element is a rectangular frame that rotates and casts shadows on the screen. The on-screen font is now Montserrat, a widely popular font developed in Argentina, the country where many channels of Sony and rival network Zee had their graphics packages created.