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Ericsson Mobile Communications


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Ericsson started producing mobile phones in 1994.

Sony Ericsson


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On October 1, 2001, Sony acquired half of Ericsson Mobile shares and the venture became Sony Ericsson. Notable Sony Ericsson products are T-series (Tela), P-series (PDA), K-series (camera/Cyber-shot), Z-series (clamshell), J-series (low-end), S-series (style/slider/swivel), W-series (Walkman), V-series (Vodafone), M-series (messaging), C-series (Cyber-shot), G-series (generation web), R-series (radio), F-series, X-series (Xperia), U-series (Entertainment Unlimited) and E-series (Xperia/Android).

The Sony Ericsson branding stopped in February 2012 when Sony acquired Ericsson's shares in the company.

Sony Mobile Communications



On February 16, 2012, Sony Ericsson changes its name into Sony Mobile Communications. In January 2013, Sony Mobile Communications completely moved the headquarters from Sweden to Sony headquarters in Minato, Tokyo, Japan.

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