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2000–2003 2003–2005 2005–2011 2011–2017 2017–present
2000–2003 2003–2005 2005–2011 2011–2017 2017–present

Sony Sab, also known as SAB TV, is a Hindi general entertainment channel in India complementing Sony Pictures Networks India’s flagship Hindi GEC, SET (or Sony TV). It has a focus on light-hearted family comedy shows. It was launched in April 2000 by Sri Adhikari Brothers (hence the SAB acronym; see footnote) and sold in early 2005 to the then–SET India (now Sony Pictures Networks India).

Sony Sab and Sony TV together compete with Star Plus, Zee TV, Colors, Star Bharat and &TV, as well as free-to-air channels like Dangal.



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Sony Sab/SAB TV


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SET India acquired the channel from Sri Adhikari Brothers in 2005, keeping the SAB name. The logo was changed accordingly to reflect Sony’s ownership.

  • Indiantelevision (1 and 2)

Under its new ownership, SAB TV was originally positioned as a youth channel, a departure from the comedy channel that it had been under Sri Adhikari Brothers. However, this strategy did not work, and the channel reverted to being a family comedy channel on 28 June 2008. later it was positioned as youth channel in early 2020's


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Designer:  Steinbranding
Typography:  Futura Extra Bold
Launched:  Unknown

When the now-defunct Sony Mix was launched on 1 September 2011, Sony TV, Sony Sab, Sony Max, Sony Pix and Sony Aath added the word Sony in a black rectangle on top of their logos, though the graphics were not changed.

Sony Sab’s first major rebranding took place on 21 June 2013 when the Argentine design agency Steinbranding created a new graphics package with colourful kite-like spinning squares. The on-screen typeface was ITC Avant Garde, which had been used by Sony Max and Pix.

HD: 2016–2017


An HD feed of Sony Sab was launched on 5 September 2016, many years after most other major Hindi GECs had launched an HD feed. This came some months after Sony Max HD, another long-pending HD channel, was launched on Christmas 2015.

Designer:  Váscolo
Typography:  Chivo
Launched:  Unknown

A new violet graphics package, with glowing threads as the core design element, was introduced on that day. It was created by Váscolo, another Argentine design agency. The on-screen typeface was Chivo, which has been used by Italy’s Canale 5 from 2018. However, the new graphics were short-lived and were retired after barely nine months, as the channel underwent a major rebrand in June 2017.

Sony Sab


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During an Episode of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma, For the first time since Sony acquired the channel, it significantly changed its logo on 13 June 2017 with a new slogan, Haste Raho India (Keep Laughing/Smiling, India), replacing the previous Asli Mazaa Sab Ke Saath Aata Hai (see footnote) that had been used for many years.

HD: 2017-present

Another new graphics package was introduced. Instead of another Argentine design agency, the new look was developed by Firefly, a local firm from Mumbai. Sony Sab’s main colours were now orange and yellow, along with sky blue.

The central element is an arc in the shape of a smile; this is also reflected in the logo of the HD channel, where the D is represented in the shape of an emoticon. Moreover, the A in the SAB wordmark appears to be laughing. The new on-screen font was Nunito, a free font.

Yet another new graphics package was introduced on 1 January 2019 that replaced the bright colours by darker greens and blues, but that nevertheless retained the Haste Raho India motto and smile-arc graphic element. In this minor rebrand, Nunito was replaced by the widespread Gotham font (in India this is used by AXN, Zee TV, etc., and also previously by SET and Sony Max).From 2019 onwards, Sony Sab had changed its graphics and replaced the slogan Haste Raho India by the new slogan, Khusiyon Wali Feeling - which means feeling happily.


  • The Hindi word sab means ‘all’ or ‘everyone’, thereby making the acronym SAB a play on words. Until the 2017 rebrand the channel’s slogan was Asli Mazaa Sab Ke Saath Aata Hai (Real Fun Comes with Everyone).[3] The channel was usually referred to as SAB TV until this stopped around 2018, even though the official name has been Sony Sab since at least 2011.