Sony Wah is a Hindi movie channel targeted at rural audiences, similar to Zee Anmol Cinema, Star Utsav Movies and the relaunched Rishtey Cineplex. It was launched in May 2016 during the Indian Premier League.


Sony Wah.jpg

Logo with slogan Filmon Ka Mela (Feast of Films).


From its launch until 2019, Sony Wah reused Sony Max’s 2012–2015 graphics package and theme music largely unchanged. However, the Gotham font used in the original graphics was not used by Sony Wah.


In 2019, Sony Wah adopted the 2014–2017 graphics package of Sony Max 2, but with the orange colour instead of the purple-and-pink combination used by Sony Max 2. Even so, Sony Wah still continues to use the 2012–2015 theme music of Sony Max. FF Din is the onscreen typeface.