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For the Bendigo station owned by Southern Cross, see BCV.
For the Gippsland station owned by Southern Cross, see GLV.
For the Canberra station owned by Southern Cross, see CTC.
For the Townsville station owned by Southern Cross, see TNQ.
For the Mildura station formerly owned by Southern Cross, see STV.


Ten Affiliates 419532 Ten-logo 2colour-0 SC10 2002-05 Southern Cross Ten Ten 2013- Nine2012 Glossed Logo
1994–1999 1999–2002 2002–2005 2005–2016 2016–2017 (NRN), 2016–2018 (SGS/SCN) 2016–present

Ten Affiliates

Ten Affiliates

In May 1994, SCN, Capital Television, QTV and NRTV began using generic Network Ten (now Network 10) branding.


Ten 1991-99


419532 Ten-logo 2colour-0

Southern Cross Ten


SC10 2002-05

In 2002, Ten's regular branding was rebranded Southern Cross Ten.


Southern Cross Ten

On 30 August 2005, a new logo was produced and used across the network, this time to a blue and yellow star. Due to the affiliation swap on 30 June 2016, the "Southern Cross Ten" name ceased to exist in Southern NSW, Northern NSW, Queensland, Victoria and SA. However, this logo doesn't commonly appear on-screen aside from local content, modified promos and local news updates.


2016–2017 (NRN), 2016–2018 (SGS/SCN)

Ten 2013-

Because NRN and SGS/SCN’s areas weren’t affected by the affiliation changes, Southern Cross Ten’s unique logo was entirely removed, making SCA adopt Ten’s branding fully. WIN Television have since brought NRN and adopted it as their own station, leaving only SGS/SCN as SCA’s only Ten-branded station.

SCA Nine


Nine2012 Glossed Logo

After they signed a new affiliation deal with Nine in April, Southern Cross switched affiliation from Network Ten to the Nine Network on 1 July 2016 and became SCA Nine. It uses Nine's current metro branding.