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Splash Entertainment is an American animation company founded in 1989 by Mike and Liz Young.

Mike Young Productions


Mike Young Productions Logo (1997).png
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Mike Young Productions was founded in 1989, but didn't use an official logo until 1997.


Mike Young Productions.svg

In 2006, the MoonScoop Group acquired Mike Young Productions; and so, the logo was changed from a yellow oval to MoonScoop's "moon" logo behind the "Mike Young" script, which itself is a little bit bolder.

MoonScoop Entertainment/MoonScoop LLC


MoonScoop Group logo.svg

In March 2009, MoonScoop Group announced that they would unify Mike Young Productions and Taffy Entertainment under the unified MoonScoop name, which would eventually happen by the end of the year, as the company was rebranded to MoonScoop LLC.

Splash Entertainment


Splash Entertainment logo.png

After the administration of their parent company in 2013, MoonScoop's US operations were separated from their parent company and renamed to Splash Entertainment.

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