This article is about about the content hub within Disney+. For the original Indian television network, see Disney Star. For the similar Latin American streaming service, see Star+. For other uses, see Star (disambiguation).

Star is a content hub within the Disney+ streaming service for television and film content intended for an adult audience and expanded to Asia-Pacific exclusive contents since November 2021. The hub is available in a subset of countries where Disney+ is operated. In Latin America, there is a separate Star+ streaming service instead.


Designer:  Nomad[1]
Typography:  Custom-designed by Miles Newlyn (logo)
Launched:  December 10, 2020

This logo was introduced on December 10, 2020 during The Walt Disney Company's Investor Day, as the "Star" brand expanded internationally as a new streaming platform and is integrated within Disney+ (except in Latin America - where it is a standalone service Star+, which include the Latin American and Brazilian ESPN sports broadcasts - and in the U.S. - where it is currently integrated with Hulu) since February 23, 2021.