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Star Channel (formerly known as Fox Channel) is a Latin American pay television channel, launched on 14 August 1993 as the localized version of the American television network Fox. The channel is mainly oriented towards family audiences.



FOX LATAM (1993).svg
Designer:  Galan Entertainment
Typography:  Unknown
Launched:  August 23, 1993

Star Channel was launched in August 23, 1993 as Fox, using a logo based on the U.S. channel's 1987 design, made by Los Angeles-based agency Galan Entertainment.


FOX LATAM (1996).svg

A multicolor variant of the first logo was introduced on February 14, 1996, used in tandem with the previous one, and mainly used on print media.


Fox (1996).svg

In August 1998, in tandem with its 5th anniversary, Fox Latin America launched a new branding, adapting the domestic network's graphic campaign Just One Fox.



In 2001, the channel started using only the wordmark.


FOX UK.svg

A short-lived red logo (among many other colors, including blue) was used on the first half of 2001, taking the 2000's U.S. channel branding.

This would be the last time when Fox Latin America used a package coming from the domestic channel, as starting from the next rebrand, it rather would use an specific-branding made for the Fox channels outside U.S.


Designer:  Razorfish
Typography:  Custom-designed (logo)
Helvetica (on-air)
Launched:  Mid 2001

On the second half of 2001, the channel used the blue variant of the logo as its official color, aside adapting the international package for Fox worldwide channels.


FOX Latin America.svg
Designer:  Steinbranding (2004–2008)
Superestudio (2008-2018)
Typography:  Custom-designed (logo)
Avant Garde (on-air, 2005-2015)
Gotham (on-air, 2015–2018)
Launched:  Unknown

In 2005, the channel set the orange logo as its official color.

Fox Channel


Fox Channel.svg
Designer:  DixonBaxi
Typography:  Custom-designed (logo)
Avenir (logo)
Stratos (on-air)
Launched:  November 5, 2018

On 5 November 2018, Fox was renamed Fox Channel, as well a new graphical package produced by DixonBaxi.

Star Channel


Star Channel 2021.svg
Designer:  Nomad (logo)
Flopicco (on-air, print, and social media)
Typography:  Custom-designed (logo)
Avenir (logo, on-air, print, and social media)
Launched:  February 22, 2021

On February 22, 2021, Fox Channel was rebranded as Star Channel, following the retirement of the "Fox brand" in Latin America by expanding the Star brand outside India. This expansion included Fox Life and Fox Premium.[1]

The graphics package for Star Channel was designed by Flopicco, who also helped work on the graphics package for Disney Channel in November 2020.