Star Gold is the flagship Hindi movie channel of the Star TV network in India. Launched in September 2000 as a classic Hindi movie channel, it rebranded to a mainstream Bollywood channel in 2004, in line with the established Hindi movie channels Zee Cinema and Sony Max, due to low ratings. Star’s other Hindi movie channels are Star Gold Select, Movies OK and Star Utsav Movies.

Since The Walt Disney Company acquired Star in March 2019, UTV Movies, UTV Action and UTV HD have become indirect sister channels to the above channels, giving the Star+UTV combine a total of nine Hindi movie channels: six SD and three HD (Star Gold HD, Star Gold Select HD and UTV HD).


Star gold logo 2000

Star Gold was launched in September 2000 as a classic Hindi movie channel, showing movies released up until the 1980s.


Star Gold 2001 IMG-20190805-233336

In around 2001, the logo was brought in line with the updated logos of Star Plus and Star Vijay, which had been launched that year.


Star Gold

Due to rising competition from Zee Cinema and SET Max, Star Gold gradually turned to mainstream Hindi movies. A new logo was released in 2004 by inverting the colours of its predecessor.

HD: 15 April–10 September 2011

Star Gold HD

Star Gold launched an HD feed on 15 April 2011 along with Star Plus, Star World and Star Movies. These channels, along with National Geographic Channel HD (which had been launched in 2010), were branded by the Star network as Asli HD (real HD) channels, since India had only just been introduced to high-definition television in 2010.

Star Gold was the first Hindi movie channel to be available in HD. Zee Cinema HD was launched in August 2011, and its sister channel &pictures HD in 2014. Sony Max, the biggest competitor of Star Gold and Zee Cinema, launched an HD feed only on Christmas 2015—much later than the other two.


Star Gold 2011

Star Gold rebranded on 10 September 2011 to coincide with the world television première of the movie Singham. The logo and graphics were designed by Dynamite Design of Mumbai, who also designed the graphics for the Bangla movie channel Jalsha Movies in 2012. They have been unchanged for nearly eight years since then.

The long-standing black-and-gold logo of the channel was abandoned in favour of a new multicoloured logo. The graphics package consists of flying red-orange strips. A new slogan was introduced: Karo Dil Ki (Follow Your Heart).

Century Gothic, a widely-available font, is used as the on-screen typeface, in stark contrast to premium commercial fonts like Fedra Sans and Kohinoor that have been used by Star.

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