Star Gold 2 is a Hindi movie channel that was launched on 1 February 2020 as a renaming of Movies OK, which was launched in 2012. It serves as a sister channel to Star Gold, Star Gold Select and Star Utsav Movies, as well as UTV Movies, UTV HD and UTV Action. The new channel will show movie premieres along with Star Gold.


2012–2017 2017–2020 2020–present
2012–2017 2017–2020 2020–present

Movies OK


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Launched on 6 May 2012, Movies OK was the second and last Star India channel to use the OK brand targeted at an urban audience, the first being Hindi general entertainment channel Life OK, which was launched on 18 December 2011.


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Movies OK 2017.png

The logo and graphics package were slightly modified around 2017.

Star Gold 2


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Movies OK was renamed to Star Gold 2 at midnight on 1 February 2020, officially signifying the retirement of Star’s OK brand, as sister channel Life OK had rebranded to Star Bharat in 2017. Simultaneously, an HD feed of Star Gold 2 was launched (though it is not officially available on any television platforms as of August 2020), and Star Gold rebranded for the first time in eight years.

Star Gold 2 uses the same graphics as Star Gold that were introduced on that day, but with a greenish shade.

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