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Star Jalsha, launched[1] on 8 September 2006.

is a Bengali (or Bangla)-language general entertainment channel (GEC) and the first regional-language (i.e., non-Hindi and non-English) channel to be launched directly by the Star network. Other Star regional-language channels before then, such as Star Vijay and Asianet, had been acquired from other companies.

Star Jalsha primarily competes with Zee Bangla and Colors Bangla, in addition to Aakash Aath, Rupashi Bangla and, more recently, Sun Bangla. Star Jalsha was the most-watched Bangla TV channel for nine years, from 2009 to June 2018, when it was overtaken by Zee Bangla.[2]

A sister channel, Jalsha Movies, was launched in August 2011.


2006–2010 2010-2019 2019–present
2006–2010 2010-2019 2019–present


Star Jalsha.png

Star Jalsha was launched on 8 September 2006. Its original logo style was also used by Marathi GEC Star Pravah. It was different from the logo style used by most Star channels until the early 2010s, such as Star Plus (until 2010), Star Vijay (until 2017) and Star Jalsha’s Bangla sister channel Star Ananda (until Star TV sold its news networks to the Star ‘Ruby Star’ after three months before Star Jalsha’s rebrand).


Star Jalsha 2012.png
Designer:  venturethree
Typography:  Fedra Sans Alternate
Also known as:  Diamond Star

During a special celebration event called Chalo Paltai (meaning ‘let’s change’) on 19 October 2010, Star Jalsha introduced a new logo and graphics package. This ‘Diamond Star’ logo and graphics package was created by London-based design agency venturethree, which had also designed Star Plus’s Ruby Star in 2010, as well as the Star network’s corporate identity and After 1 year, Life OK in 2011.

The graphics consisted of segments of a rotating white crystal star with red accents, and the channel logo at the end of promos was usually placed against a crystal background. They were partly based on Star Plus’s Ruby Star graphics.

Chalo Paltai, which had appeared in the channel brand song when it was launched in 2006, was officially adopted as its slogan; in fact, the logo almost always appeared along with the slogan in social media pages.

Marathi sister channel Star Pravah adopted this logo and graphics package in 2011, but in 2017, it greatly enlarged the Star Pravah wordmark and dropped the stylised HD logotype.

HD: 2011–2019

Star Jalsha HD was launched on 15 April 2011 along with Star Plus HD,Star Gold HD,Star Movies HD and Star World HD. In September 2013. These are the first Bengali HD channels in India, and Star’s second regional HD channels after Asianet HD. Competitors Colors Bangla and Zee Bangla launched HD versions on 2 May 2011 and 20 August 2011, respectively.

The stylised ‘HD’ logotype with a modified H was borrowed from Star Plus HD’s 2011–2016 logo. This was also used by Star Pravah HD when it was launched on 1 August 2011, but the wordmark was changed in 2017.


Star Jalsha 2019.png
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Kohinoor

Star Jalsha rebranded on 17 February 2019 during a special event called Jalsha Dosh-e-Dosh (meaning ten on ten) to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the channel (which had taken place on 8 September 2018). It introduced a new graphics package after nearly seven years. The slogan remains Chalo Paltai (let’s change).

The wordmark is largely the same as its predecessor, but the word ‘HD’ is no longer stylised with a curl on top of the H. Instead it matches Star Plus HD’s 2018 logo.

For the first time in the history of the channel, the graphics are not red and white, but rather predominantly turquoise-green with hints of red and yellow.[3] Colour cloudbursts (yellow background), spiralling sea anemone–like objects (red) and confetti showers (turquoise) make up the graphics package. As with recent Star network rebrands, such as Star Plus in 2018 and Star Gold in 2020, no design credit was given.

As with Star Plus in 2018, Kohinoor has replaced Fedra Sans Alternate as the onscreen typeface of the channel. However, Jalsha Movies has always used Kohinoor since its launch in 2012.

Marathi sister channel Star Pravah rebranded in a similar fashion on 2 December 2019, also introducing Kohinoor.


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    1Note that Jalsha is spelled Jolsha throughout the article as that is more consistent with Bangla pronunciation. However, the official spelling is Jalsha.
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