Maa Movies


Maa Movies
Maa Movies was launched on 4 February 2011 along with Maa Junior (now Star Maa Gold).

Star Maa Movies


Star Maa Movies

Maa Movies rebranded on 25 June 2017 along with Maa Music and Maa Gold; Maa Movies also launched an HD feed. Later that day, Tamil sister channel Star Vijay introduced a new logo after 16 years.

All the Maa channels changed their logos to match that of Star Maa, which had rebranded from Maa TV on 13 February 2017, and added the ‘Star’ prefix to their names (though this is not reflected in the logos of the Maa channels, or Star Vijay for that matter, as it is for Star Suvarna, Star Jalsha and Star Pravah). This is in contrast to Bangla sister channel Jalsha Movies, which is never referred to as ‘Star Jalsha Movies’.

Maa Movies HD: 2017 (prelaunch)

Maa Movies HD

Star Maa Movies HD: 2017–present

Star Maa Movies HD

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