This article is about the disbanded Southeast Asian TV channel. For the Indian TV channel, see Star World.


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Star Plus


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Star Plus started broadcasting on 15 December 1991 as an English channel. It was part of the Star TV package of channels that also consisted of STAR Chinese Channel, Prime Sports, BBC WSTV and MTV.


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Star World




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STAR World was the first channel to drop the old logo scheme of the Star network (the name of the channel next to the Star logo icon, contained within a rectangle with two opposite corners rounded) that had been used throughout 2008. This logo is still used in India, see Star World (India).


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On August 2, 2013, Star World was given a new look. In the Philippines, the logo was adopted in November 2013.

2015–present, 2015–2017 (Southeast Asia & Hong Kong)

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This slightly change debuted in early 2015, as the Star got sleeker and glossy effect was added. Furthermore, graphics are much sharper, with the channel bug animating with the use of a slash crossing through the center of the logo. In 2017, the whole logo turned grey.

On October 1, 2017, Star World operations in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong was replaced by Fox Life. Meanwhile, Star World is still broadcast on Taiwan and the Middle East, as well as separate Indian feed (operated by the sister company Star India) which retained the 2008 logo.  

Star World (Asia)
Fox Life
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