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1994–2005 2005–2008 2008–2016 2016–present
1994–2005 2005–2008 2008–2016 2016–present



Starz 1994.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Custom
Launched:  February 1, 1994

Starz! was launched on February 1, 1994, with a logo consisting of two stars inside each other and a wordmark inspired by 1930s-era movie poster typography. Its initial on-air presentation reflected this theme, featuring a CGI movie theater, until May 2002, when it was switched for a package based on natural themes such as water (although this later look was not carried to the rest of its channels).



Starz 2005.svg
Designer:  PMcD Design
Landor Associates
Typography:  Helvetica Neue Black
Launched:  March 28, 2005

On March 28, 2005, Starz removed the exclamation point from its name and adopted a new logo featuring a hand-drawn star and a wordmark set in Helvetica Neue Black. This design was implemented across all of its sister networks, and was created by PMcD Design and Landor Associates.


Starz 2008.svg
Designer:  Darwin
Design and Image Communications
Troika Design Group
Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners
Typography:  Futura Extra Bold (modified)
Launched:  April 7, 2008

On April 7, 2008, Starz introduced a new logo featuring a wordmark with a starburst depicted as negative space between the letters "a" and "r". As with before, this logo was introduced on all of Starz' global networks. The logo was created by design company Darwin with Design and Image Communications, with its accompanying graphics package by Troika Design Group and Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners.


Starz 2016.svg
Designer:  Caspar Nonner
Troika Design Group
Typography:  Radikal Bold

Museo Sans

Launched:  April 5, 2016

On April 5, 2016, Starz unveiled a new logo, this time composed of only a wordmark without any references to a star anywhere. This revision was designed by Caspar Nonner, with the accompanying on-air graphics package once again created by Troika Design Group. On the day of its official debut, this logo was implemented onto the rest of Starz' sister channels. With this rebrand, the network also retired the Encore brand, rebranding those channels under the Starz Encore name.