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1994–2005 2005–2013 2013–2016 2016–present
1994–2005 2005–2013 2013–2016 2016–present

Love Stories


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Encore Love was launched as Love Stories in July 1994, as part of the first three channels that debuted as part of the Encore multiplex.

Encore Love


Encore Love.svg

In March 2005, Love Stories was relaunched as Encore Love, placing it in line with the other Encore channels; at the same time, Encore launched a new logo and on-air look across all seven of its channels, featuring a modified starburst mark (which is rendered in different colors, depending on channel; the starburst mark in Encore Love's logo is red), and the channel name now rendered in Helvetica Neue Black.

Encore Classic


Encore Classic 2013.svg

On December 2, 2013, Encore Love was rebranded as Encore Classic, airing classic movies and TV shows.

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Starz Encore Classic


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