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1994 (Prelaunch) 1994–1997 1997–2005 2005–2011 2011–2013 2013–2016 2016–present
1994 (Prelaunch) 1994–1997 1997–2005 2005–2011 2011–2013 2013–2016 2016–present


1994 (Prelaunch)

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Starz Encore Family was originally intended to be called Tweens, before the network announced a naming contest in 1994 to allow the public to decide a name for the channel, which would end up being WAM!: America's Youth Network.

WAM!: America's Youth Network


WAM! 1994.svg

In September 1994, Encore launched WAM!: America's Youth Network, along with True Stories & Drama and Action as the last of its original seven multiplex channels. Note that WAM serves as an acronym for "What Adults are Missing".



In 1997, "youth" was changed to "kidz" and the font of the slogan was changed.

Encore Wam


Encore Wam.svg

Wam was relaunched as Encore Wam, as part of a rebranding of the Encore multiplex to bring them in line with the main Encore channel in March 2005, across all seven of its channels, featuring a modified starburst mark (which is rendered in different colors, depending on channel; the starburst mark in Encore Wam's logo is green), and the channel name now rendered in Helvetica Bold.

Encore Family


Encore Family 2011.svg

On August 1, 2011, Encore Wam was rebranded as Encore Family.


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Starz Encore Family


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