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1994–2005 2005–2011 2011–2013 2013–2016 2016–present



Encore Mystery.png
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On July 1, 1994, Encore Mystery launched as Mystery, as part of the second slate of the original seven multiplex channels (joined by Westerns and Love Stories).

Encore Mystery


Encore Mystery.svg

In March 2005, Encore launched a new logo and on-air look across all seven of its channels, featuring a modified starburst mark (which is rendered in different colors, depending on channel; the starburst mark in Encore Mystery's logo is teal), and the channel name now rendered in Helvetica Bold.

Encore Suspense


Encore Suspense.svg

On August 1, 2011, Encore Mystery rebranded as Encore Suspense.


Encore Suspense 2013.svg

Starz Encore Suspense


Starz Encore Suspense.svg

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