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2005–2009 2009–2014 2014–2019 2019–2020




Fizz launched on 24 January 2005 on Sky channel 468 as a sister channel to Channel U.

Starz TV


120px-Starz TV logo.png

In 2009, Fizz was renamed Starz TV. At the same time, it's sister channel Channel U was renamed Channel AKA.


Starz TV 2014 logo.jpg

Following its acquisition by CSC Media Group, they changed their logo. The logo is 3D and tilted, the word "Starz" was still kept, but the star was moved to the middle of the Starz logo, replacing the "A".


Starz TV 2020.png

On 1 October 2019, Starz TV was temporarily renamed as Christmas Starz as TRACE's Christmas music channel, taking over from Chart Show Hits due to that channel being renamed as Trace Latina the next month. During the Christmas reversions, the logo was maintained to the original name. The channel, along with Trace Latina, closed on 1 June 2020.

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