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1983-1990 Alternate logo 80s I Alternate logo 80s II Alternate logo 80s III Early 90s I Early 90s II Mid 90s I
Mid 90s II 1998 (15th aniversary) 1998-2003 2003-2011 2011-2013 2013-present
Mid 90s II 1998 (15th aniversary) 1998-2003 2003-2011 2011-2013 2013-present

Studio 92 is a Peruvian musical radio station of genres such as pop, electro, hip-hop, k-pop and Latin urban created on September 23, 1983. It is owned by the Grupo RPP, a conglomerate of the Delgado Nachtigall family and is the group's second radio station with the greatest national reach.


Studio 92 1991.svg

The first Studio 92 logo was the word "STUDIO" in TXT Groovy typeface with the "S" attached to the "T" and underneath, a "92" with the same typeface with two negative shades and two positive shades.

Alternate logos:

Studio 92 during that period used alternate logos to the official one for written advertising, none of these logos was a replacement for the first.

Studio 92 1983.svg

This logo was handwritten and shaded "Studio 92" by lines on a yellow background.

Studio 92 1986.svg

This logo used the name "STUDIO92" in Koblenz Regular Italic typeface and above, the word "Radio", being the only time he used that word in his logo.

S92 alternate logo 80s.jpg

This logo consisted of a circle with an inner border, the word "Radio" in running font, and the text "Studio 92" in large size and glitter effect.

Early 90s

Studio 92

Studio 92 principios 90s.jpg

In the early 90s, Studio 92 changed their logo with the words "RADIO" and "STUDIO" next to the number 92.

Studio 92 Satélite

Studio 92 other logo 90s.jpg

In the 90s Studio 92 began to broadcast outside of Metropolitan Lima thanks to satellite transmission, which is why it began to use the name "Studio 92 Satélite". This consisted of the text "STUDIO" in bold light blue, the word "92" in blue and in three parentheses, the word "Satélite" in black. In the upper central part there is the text "RADIO" in a white color and a black background, in bold.

Mid 90s-1998

Studio 92 satélite mid 90s.jpg

In the mid-90s, the station used this logo even before its purchase from Grupo RPP. In the first time when the logo was used, it stills using the name "Studio 92 Satélite". This consisted of the word "Studio 92" creatively in white and dots around some of its letters, on a dark red background. The word "RADIO" and "SATÉLITE", both in white and black and turquoise backgrounds, respectively. In the upper part of the logo, it can see the light blue background with yellow and black tones.

Alternate logos:

S92 mediados 90s.jpg

Another shorter variant of the logo, with red, blue and yellow colors.

Studio 92 logo 15 años.jpg

Special logo for the 15 years of the station in 1998 (there it was called again "Studio 92")

Due to the precarious economic situation of the radio, it was sold in 1999 to the Grupo RPP of Manuel Delgado Parker and his family.



Studio 92 1998.svg

In 1998, the radio resurfaces from its ashes under the RPP arm as a youth music radio and to commemorate the radio station's 15th anniversary.

The new logo and the first one under the RPP arm were the letters "STUDIO 92" in Trixie Plain typeface in black in the letters "S", "U", "I" and the number "9" and in red the letters "T", "D", "O" and the number "2".


Studio 92 2003.svg

In 2003, the Studio 92 logo is redesigned to commemorate its 20th anniversary.

This time the letters are colored and matched between the word "STUDIO" and the number "92", below, the frequency number (92.5 FM) in Futura Bold typeface, all surrounded by a metallic white oval with an imperfect red border.


Studio 92 2011.svg

On September 23, 2011, the year of its 28th anniversary, Studio 92 changed its logo and structure after thirteen years and also its musical orientation, moving to transmit pop and electro in English to compete with Radio Planeta from CRP Radios, a radio that plays said type of music since 2006.

The word "STUDIO" and the number "92" keep their red and black colors respectively, but with the fonts changed to Badaboom BD in the first and an urban style version in the second, below, in small letters, the frequency number ( 92.5 FM) in DIN Bold Italic typeface with the smallest "2" of the rest of the numbers followed by the letters "FM" and underneath it all, a kind of smile drawn with a brush and shading. The smile was placed to indicate that the radio was beginning a more prosperous stage after the harsh political recession that the nascent Grupo RPP went through in the 2000s and by the arrival of Radio La Zona (radio that transmits mainly urban music) in the frequency in which CPN Radio and Radio Amor operated (this latter from Corporación Universal) (90.5 FM) that motivated to change the theme to one similar to that of Radio Planeta.


Studio 92 2013.svg

On January 5, 2013, the radio once again renews its logo in close proximity to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

The logo was a stylized red "S" in the shape of a lightning bolt and on the side, the rest of the name with the colors and the order of these used in the 2003 and 2011 logos, all this part in Futura Extra Bold Oblique typeface and in the upper right, the same "92" used in the frequency number with the cited typeface and the rest of the frequency number in Franklin Bold Italic typeface. That same year, the slogans "La evolución" and "#1 en tu música", used throughout much of the 2000s and early 2010s, are permanently eliminated, changing to the slogan "La música que viene", alluding to the songs that were to come and that would be broadcast on the radio between those years.

Since November 2014, the slogan is "Primeros en tu música" and since 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it occasionally uses the slogan "En cuarentena"

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