Sub (stylised as sub.) is a Finnish TV channel aimed at a younger audience owned by MTV Oy, the largest commercial TV broadcaster in Finland. It was launched in 2000 as TVTV! and renamed to Subtv the following year, and then to Sub in 2008.

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Ylapalkki tvtv 2 SubTV-Logo-2001-2008 Sub logo Sub logo 2013
2000–2001 2001–2008 2008–2013 2013–present



Ylapalkki tvtv 2

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Sub logo

Subtv was renamed to Sub on 16 January 2008. The new look was created by the British company Red Bee Media.

New idents were launched on 1 February 2010. These idents were created by the Finnish company Woodpecker Film and builds on the same idea as its predecessors.


Sub logo 2013
A new logo and graphics package was introduced on 3 November 2013 along with the rest of MTV Oy. The new on-screen typeface is FS Emeric, which is used by MTV3 and most other properties of the company.

Specific to the Sub rebrand:

A new graphics package was introduced in 2018 that replaced the FS Emeric font with the well-known Roboto font, which is used by Google and in Android devices. However, FS Emeric continues to be used elsewhere at MTV Oy.

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