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1973–2002 2002–2016 2015–2016 2016–present

Pete's Super Submarines


Pete's Super Submarines.svg

Subway was founded on August 28, 1965 under the name of Pete's Super Submarines. The first location was owned by Peter Buck and Fred DeLuca.

Pete's Subs


Pete's Subs (1968).svg

Pete's Subway


Pete's Subway - 1970.png



Pete's Subway - 1972.png

In 1972, the sandwich shop was renamed to Subway.


Alternative subway logo.svg

In 1973, Subway introduced a new logo with the "SUB" appearing in white and the "WAY" appearing in yellow. Inside the wordmark is an oval. After the next logo was introduced, most older locations kept using this logo until the late 2000s. It can still be found on some Duke ovens at some locations.


Subway 2002.svg

In March 2002 when Subway started using a modified version of its 1973 logo without the oval, the typeface changed and the wordmark became italicized. The slogan used with this logo was "Eat Fresh.", which was also used in 2001 with the previous logo. This logo is still used on signs and posters at most of its locations, as they are gradually being updated to the current one.


Subway 2015.svg

On December 28, 2015, Subway introduced a new green-colored version of its 2002 logo, as well as a new slogan "Founded on Fresh," which was later changed to "Fresh is what we do." This logo lasted for 8 months before the logo's change in 2016.


Subway 2016.svg

On August 5, 2016, Subway unveiled its new design. It is the first time that the sandwich chain has significantly changed the major element of its identity since 2002.

The "SUB" appears in yellow and the "WAY" appears in green, which has a striking resemblance to the 1973 logo, but straightened. Like the previous logos, this logo sometimes appears in yellow and white, but this time the logo's colors are reversed so that the "SUB" still appears in yellow and the "WAY" appears to be in white, instead of "SUB" appearing in white and "WAY" in yellow from the previous logos.

The sandwich chain also made their new symbol, which consists of the two arrows making a small white "S" in the middle. The wordmark and symbol would later be branched into other countries the next year.