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1965–1968 1968–2002 2002–2015 2015–2016 2016–present
1965–1968 1968–2002 2002–2015 2015–2016 2016–present



The below logo was used on the first "Subway" location created. It was owned by the chain's founder Peter Buck and thus he called the restaurant "*Pete's Subway" (with the asterisk included). One of the founders was Fred Deluca.


Alternative subway logo.svg



Starting in January 2002, Subway started using a modified version of the logo. By early 2003, all branches had the new look. In this logo, the oval behind the wordmark was removed. The slogan used with this logo was "Eat Fresh.". As of 2016, this logo is still used as a secondary logo.


Subway 2015.svg

On December 28, 2015, Subway introduced a new green-colored version of its current logo and a new slogan "Founded on Fresh," which was later changed to "Fresh is what we do." This logo is still used in all colors.


Subway 2016.svg

On August 5, 2016 Subway introduced a new logo inspired by the 1968 design.

Subway's new symbol

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