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Sunclass Airlines is a Danish holiday airline that was founded in 1993 when Conair of Scandinavia and Scanair merged to form Premiair. Its aircraft are registered in Denmark and operate from there.

Sunclass Airlines and its German sister airline Condor were unaffected by the September 2019 collapse of their British parent, Thomas Cook Group, and the British Thomas Cook Airlines.



Premiair logo first

Premiair's first logo was the name of the company written in lowercase with the Bodoni Poster font with the dots in the I's replaced by an orange and a blue circle.


Premiair logo

In the late 1990s, Premiair adopted the look of its British sister airline, Airtours.

MyTravel Airways


MyTravel Airways

In 2002, Premiair became MyTravel Airways.

Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia


Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia

MyTravel Airways became Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia in 2008.


Thomas Cook Airlines Logo

Despite the collapse of the Thomas Cook Group in September 2019, its Nordic subsidiaries (Spies in Denmark, Ving in Norway and Sweden and Tjäreborg in Finland, as well as Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia) will continue to operate.

Sunclass Airlines



Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia was renamed to Sunclass Airlines in November 2019 but continues to use the Sunny Heart logo.

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