Three Counties Radio


Three Counties Radio - Gloucestershire (1988)

The AM frequencies of Radio Wyvern joined with Severn Sound's AM frequency to create the original Three Counties Radio (Gloucestershire, Herefordshire & Worcestershire) in 1988 with the bulk of the programming coming from the Gloucester studios. Each county would have their own Breakfast & Drivetime shows.

This logo belongs to the Gloucester service but it gives you an idea of what the logo(s) for this area looked like for this area.

Radio Wyvern



After Chiltern Radio Network bought Severn Sound, the service reverted back to Radio Wyvern, operating on both AM & FM.

Wyvern AM


WYVERN AM (1995)


Wyvern AM 1996

Classic Gold


Classic Gold H&W 2001

Classic Gold H&W 2001a
In 2001, they decided that it would be more cost effective to take the Classic Gold service under a licence agreement. Again, they only provided the local opt-out programming & local ad. breaks.

Classic Hits


Classic Hits 2003
A change of management saw the station return to full-time broadcasting.

Sunshine 945/1530


Sunshine Radio 2010


Sunshine Gold (2009)

In 2009, shortly after the FM service commenced broadcasting, the AM service was briefly rebranded as Sunshine Gold. However, in 2010, the service was closed in favour of the FM service and the AM licence was handed back to Ofcom.

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