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Super Mario Bros. Logo Super-mario-bros-3-seeklogo com Super Mario World game logo Super Mario (1996-2014) Super Mario
1985–1986, 2006–present 1990–1991 (US/PAL only) 1991–1996 (US/PAL only) 1996–2010 2011–present

1985–1986, 2006–present

Super Mario Bros. Logo

1990–1991 (US/PAL only)

Super-mario-bros-3-seeklogo com

1991–1996 (US/PAL only)

Super Mario World game logo


Super Mario (1996-2014)

This title debuted on Super Mario 64 and made its final appearance on Super Mario Galaxy 2. Until this point, Super Mario didn't have a logo besides the games' logos.


Super Mario

This title first appeared on Super Mario 3D Land.

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