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Sydney2000 1992
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2000 Summer Olympics logo

The official logo for the Sydney 2000 Olympics was designed by Melbourne-based FHA Image Design. It was revealed to the public on September 14th, 1996 after the handover the Olympic flag at the Atlanta 1996 closing ceremony.

The design dubbed 'Millennium Man' is made up of three boomerangs, two dots, a circle and a squiggle in the shape of the Sydney Opera House. The boomerangs, themselves a widely-known symbol of Indigenous Australians, with the circle and dots form up the body of an athlete running. The squiggle is indicative of a torch and smoke trail.



In 1997, the mascots were introduced. Their names were Syd which was a platypus named after Sydney the host city of the 2000 Olympic Games, Olly which was kookaburra named after the Olympic Games and Millie which was an echidna was named after the new millennium. The mascots were created by Matthew Hattan and Jozef Szekeres.


2000 Summer Paralympics logo


Atlanta 1996
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