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Designer:  Michael Bryce
FHA Image Design
Typography:  Gill Sans
Launched:  Early 1992

The bidding logo, introduced in early-1992, was an abstract outline of the Sydney Opera House in the colours of the Olympic Rings. The Paralympic variant was a teal swirl flanking with dots, some in the Southern Cross constellation and the colours of the 1994 Paralympic symbol. Both logos were concieved by Australian designer Michael Bryce and finalized by FHA Image Design. On 24 September 1993, it was announced at the 101st IOC Session in Monte Carlo that Sydney had been chosen to host the 2000 Summer Olympics over Beijing, Berlin, Istanbul, and Manchester.



2000 Summer Olympics logo.svg
Designer:  FHA Image Design
Typography:  Custom
Launched:  14 September 1996

The final logo for the 2000 Olympic Games was revealed to the public on 14 September 1996, following the Olympic flag handover at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games Atlanta 1996. Designed by FHA Image Design, the logo is composed of three boomerangs, two dots, a circle, and a rough outline of the Sydney Opera House. First Nations Australia was at the centre of the design, which itself was inspired by the care paintings of Australia's indigenous people. The dots and circle are reminiscent of the rocks of the outback, and the Opera House outline is indicative of a torch and smoke trail, representing the Olympic Torch Relay.


Logopedia InfoWhite.svg SVG NEEDED
Name:  Ollie
Species:  Kookaburra (Ollie)
Platypus (Syd)
Echidna (Millie)
Designer:  Matthew Hattan
Jozef Szekeres

In 1997, the mascots for the 2000 Olympics were introduced: Syd (a platypus named after Sydney), Olly (a kookaburra named after the Olympic Games), and Millie (an echidna named after the new millennium). The mascots were created by Matthew Hattan and Jozef Szekeres.


2000 Summer Paralympics logo.svg
Designer:  FHA Image Design
Typography:  Unknown
Launched:  Late 1998

The Paralympic logo was a representation of an athletes' energy breaking through a barrier. The colors, unique to the Australian landscape, represent the earthy tones of the outback, the nation's forestry and the Sydney Harbour. This logo was introduced in late 1998.


Sydney2000Para Mascot.jpg
Logopedia InfoWhite.svg SVG NEEDED
Name:  Lizzie
Species:  Frill-necked lizard
Designer:  Unknown

The mascot was named Lizzie (a frill-necked lizard) and was introduced during 1999. She was given the voice of Australian celebrity Olivia Newton-John and spread the word about the Paralympic movement and its values.

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