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1960s 1977–1981 1982–1990 1991–1996 1997–2020 2020–present
1960s 1977–1981 1982–1990 1991–1996 1997–2020 2020–present

South Melbourne Swans


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Sydney Swans


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Even after moving to Sydney and dropping the 'South Melbourne' from their name in June 1982, it wouldn't be until 1983 that the club formally moved its operations to Sydney and became the Sydney Swans.


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On November 6, 2020, the Swans unveiled a new logo to come into effect after the 2020 season on November 18. The logo depicts a larger and more stylised swan and has dropped the Sydney Opera House. It comes just months after revelations that the Sydney Kings would have to pay $50,000 to continue using the landmark in its own logo and was likely to rebrand, although the Swans denied this was the reason for the change.

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