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Sci-Fi Channel


Sci-Fi Channel UK

When the Sci-Fi Channel first launched in the United Kingdom, its visual identiy was very similar to its U.S. counterpart, using the same logos and much of the same graphics.



Sci-Fi UK logo 1999

A new look for the International versions of the Sci Fi Channel was introduced on November 2, 1998. At the same time, the channel was renamed Sci-Fi. The new look was created by Hobbins Sides.



Sci Fi UK logo

A new look, that was more in line with the US channel, was introduced for the UK channel in April 2004. [2][3]

2005-2010 (France), 2006-2010 (Spain), 2008-2012 (Australia), 2008-2010

Sci Fi UK logo 2007

Syfy Universal


Syfy Universal

Starting in early 2010, the international versions of the Sci Fi Channel started rebranding as Syfy Universal.

  • The French version was renamed Syfy Universal on January 5, 2010.[4]
  • The Spanish version became Syfy Universal on March 3, 2010.[5]
  • The Benelux version became Syfy on March 5, 2010.[6][7]
  • The UK version of Sci Fi became Syfy on April 13, 2010.[8][9]
  • The Spanish version became Syfy on June 7, 2010.[10]
  • The German Sci Fi Channel followed on September 20, 2010.[11]
  • The Latin America version was renamed SyFy on October 10, 2010
Sci Fi Universal
  • The word Syfy means syphilis in Polish, so the name wasn't introduced in Poland. Instead, the Polish Sci-Fi Channel was renamed Sci Fi Universal on October 10, 2010.[12] (See Sci Fi Universal)
  • The Australian version was renamed "SF" on July 23, 2012. In December 31st, 2013, SF ceased operation and replaced by Syfy. (See SF (Australia))



Syfy (2017)

Polish Version

Sci Fi (2017) (Horizontal)

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