Symbian Ltd.


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This was their first logo as Symbian Ltd., until late 2008, when Nokia bought Symbian Ltd. and then later they formed a non-profit organization called Symbian Foundation Ltd., and Nokia donated its Symbian Ltd. assets including Symbian OS and Nokia S60 platform to the foundation with the goal of developing an open-source and royalty-free mobile platform.

Symbian Foundation Ltd.


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Symbian Foundation was formed by Nokia, including other companies such as Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Sharp, and various mobile carriers.

Later in 2010, due to stiff competition with Android and iOS, some of their partners left the foundation in favor of Google's Open Handset Alliance, and also Nokia started to embracing the Windows Phone platform in 2011. As a result, Nokia took over the Symbian platform, and they turned Symbian Foundation into a licensing and trademark holder, with no permanent staffs involved.

Symbian OS's later releases under Nokia are now branded as Nokia OS and they continued to release new phones with Nokia Belle (formerly Symbian Belle) platform until 2012, with a release of Nokia 808 PureView, the last Symbian phone. Software development for Symbian and MeeGo OS via Nokia Store (formerly Ovi store) were discontinued in January 1, 2014.