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TMC logo 2002
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On March 2, 2002, TMC was relaunched with new schedules and a new look, created by Gédéon.[1]

"You will discover our new logo: round, warm and red, with a crescent sun and TMC lettering which leans forward. It is the new image of the channel: energised, modernised, rejuvenated and more feminine, but still very at home under the Mediterranean sun." - TMC website in 2002


TMC logo 2004

A new look, created by Aart Design, was launched on March 21, 2003.[2]

"The new visual identity reflects the metamorphosis of TMC and introduces its new general concept 'Luxury for everyone'. Losing the prefix 'tele' and the baseline 'Monte Carlo', TMC becomes a metaphor embracing a wider idea of elegance and luxury.
Two leaning ellipses, large typography and an illusion of movements along with light flow, create depth, dynamic character and accentuate TMC's position as an expandable and at the same time open to the world channel." - Aart Design


TMC new

A completely new identity for TMC was launched on February 16, 2009. It was designed by Dream On.[3][4][5][6]



In 2016, TF1 acquired the remaining 20% of the channel from the principalty of Monaco (although remaining as state channel). The new logo was launched in September 12th, 2016.

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