TMC redirects here. For the Italian TV channel originally launched as TMC, see La7. For the former sister channel of the Italian TMC, see TMC 2.
Not to be confused with Monte Carlo TV, an Uruguayan channel now known as Canal 4.


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Télé Monte Carlo, better known as TMC, is a French–Monégasque TV channel originally launched as the national TV channel of the Principality of Monaco (also the first private channel of Europe) in 1954, but since acquired by Groupe TF1, the largest TV broadcaster in France. Monaco continued to own a stake in the channel until 9 June 2016, when TF1 Group acquired it in full, though it remains the national channel of Monaco.

TMC complements TF1, TFX and TF1 Séries Films as one of the four main free-to-air channels of the group. It is always broadcast on channel 10 throughout France, which is reflected in its on-air branding since 2016.


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On 2 March 2002, TMC was relaunched with new schedules and a new look, created by Gédéon.[1]

"You will discover our new logo: round, warm and red, with a crescent sun and TMC lettering which leans forward. It is the new image of the channel: energised, modernised, rejuvenated and more feminine, but still very at home under the Mediterranean sun." - TMC website in 2002

However, this logo and look were short-lived, and were replaced the next year.


TMC logo 2004.svg
Designer:  Aart Design
Typography:  Unknown
Launched:  Unknown

A new look, created by Aart Design, was launched on 21 March 2003, barely a year after the previous graphics.

"The new visual identity reflects the metamorphosis of TMC and introduces its new general concept 'Luxury for everyone'. Losing the prefix 'tele' and the baseline 'Monte Carlo', TMC becomes a metaphor embracing a wider idea of elegance and luxury.
Two leaning ellipses, large typography and an illusion of movements along with light flow, create depth, dynamic character and accentuate TMC's position as an expandable and at the same time open to the world channel." - Aart Design


TMC new.svg

On 16 February 2009, TMC introduced a new logo and look, designed by the French studio Dream On. The idents featured the TMC logo acting as a push-button; on the button being pushed, the scenery changed dramatically. Flama was the on-screen typeface.


Designer:  W&Cie
Typography:  Unknown
Launched:  Unknown

Some months after Groupe TF1 acquired the entirety of the channel from Monaco in June 2016, TMC unveiled a new logo and look on 12 September 2016 during the première of Yann Barthès’ talk show Quotidien.

The graphics package was designed by Superestudio of Buenos Aires, Argentina, who also designed the look for sister channel NT1 in 2018 when it became TFX. The graphics package emphasises the channel’s traditional location (10) in programming guides by ‘twisting’ the logo into the number 10. The ‘twist’ concept is carried over to the idents, where one out of ten objects is treated differently.

The graphics package makes use of three fonts: Gusto Black, a heavy sans-serif; Youngblood, a free calligraphic font; and Campton, which is known for its use by Germany’s ProSieben since 2015.


  • There were two other TV rebrands in Europe besides TMC on 12 September 2016: N24, a German news channel (now Welt) and Italian public broadcaster Rai.